Cancer Sucks!

by Rob 8. August 2015 13:00

Funny how a few years away from the blog have taken me in directions I would not have ever imagined.  


  • In 2014, I returned to the racing scene only to crash during my second crit in a light race storm.  I know better... I shouldn't have attacked on a downhill section and pushed the bike that hard into a wet corner.  I know better, but I didn't show it.
  • For 2015, time trialing took the emphasis but for the majority of the ITTs I did not even have a time trial bike.  It didn't stop my wingman and I from taking on the Cherry Creek Time Trial Series where I was able to get 4th overall (out of 46).  I took 8th at the Morgul Superior Time Trial, 13th in the Morgul Superior Circuit Race, and 13th in the Louisville Crit.  The pinnacle of the year was at the Haystack Time Trial on top of my brand new Devinci Leo T2 bike.  The bike flew like a dream where I passed the first "victim" (er, the guy that started in front of me 20 second earlier) before the first corner.  Passing two more down Nelson Rd, 3 or 4 on 75th, and then 2 on Niva Rd, I was flying.  I knew I was fast but though I would be around the placing USA Cycling's Predictor app stated... 6th.  At the end of the race, I did not even stop to check the results; I immediately went on the cooldown.  As I was coming back, people started to congratulate me for a "great ride!"  Um, "you too" I would call back until one of my teammates, Sandy, came running up... "Rob, you got 2nd!"  I was stunned; it was like a dream.  It has been over 20 years (closer to 23 years) since I last stepped on the podium.  It was surreal.  
  • Flash forward two months... I went in for a colonoscopy for some hemorrhoids that were affecting me.  Nothing like good Rocky Mountain-style bumps on the butt to put a crimp on cycling long distances.  Since there was some blood in the stool and the normal "butt cream" didn't really help, my PCP suggested I go into a specialist.  "They won't even think it is that hard of a case", the PCP told me.  When I got to the specialist (a few painful weeks later), he started the examination.  Not getting far enough up (uh, what?) I had the privilege of taking a Fleet enema.  After thinking the guy was digging to China, which he told me was only 15cm... 15cm?  Wait for the math... THAT'S OVER 9 INCHES!  Jared from Subway used to eat subs that were shorter!  The doctor could not find the case of the bleeding.  Fast forward another three weeks and I was getting a full colonoscopy at age 40.  No big deal... The prep was definitely the worst but manageable.  What was not manageable was the information I received... I have cancer.  It is now at stage 4 colorectal cancer because it has spread to my lungs and liver (remember the ITTs?  That's with them at less than optimal) but I plan to kill this bastard living inside of me before it kills me.  What are my chances?  I don't know, haven't asked, and don't plan to.  Whether 1% or 99% chance, I am fighting for my life and that deserves 100% effort.  Gone is the cycling for now, gone is red meat, gone is sugar eating but this is a war and a war I don't plan to lose.  With the amazing support of friends, family, coworkers (work has been AMAZING), neighbors, teammates, my care team, etc I know I will beat this.  As I reflect on the year, I know good things will occur in the following years to come but keep thinking about the one saturical line I give people about my experience... Funny how my pain in the ass turned out to be a lifesaver.



Time to Stand for Something

by Rob 2. November 2012 08:19

South Park got it right in their traditional hilarious way.  What am I on and what do I stand for?




Challenge Accepted and Conquered

by Rob 21. August 2012 14:19

Proud kid after the ride

The third week of August means it is time for the Colorado Tour de Cure. Less than an hour after ripping through the 100km ride last year, Ethan committed to the 100 mile ride. A 6am start couldn't stop the youngest century rider on his way to this epic event.

Distance - 100.86 miles
Time - 06:29:46
Climbing - 5,456 ft
Max Speed - 41.2 mph
Average Speed - 15.5 mph
Age - 10 years old

Download the PDF version


Ride Map for the 2012 Tour de Cure Colorado

Ride Profile for the 2012 Tour de Cure Colorado

Early morning at the Boulder County Fairgrounds

Ethan at the third rest stop 20 miles into the ride... Glycemic Park at Carter Lake

Rest Stop #8 at mile 50 and Ethan made it over Devil's Gulch without stopping. Amazing ride!

The kid says he is tired but wants to finish. 25 miles left. Great effort from a 10 yr old.

The finish line is in sight.

Escorting in one of the team's Red Riders (ride with diabetes). The reason why we ride!

FINISHED! Team Agapee across the line with the Red Rider in front and flanked by five team members.

Relaxing in the tent with the team

With the century ride over, time for a little recovery.

Cycling Explained

by Rob 10. December 2011 09:38


Tour de Cure 2011 for Two

by Rob 20. August 2011 14:27

After doing the Tour de Cure Colorado century ride four times, it was time to change things up.  My nine year old, Ethan, who did the family 12 mile ride last year and crashed came back and rode the 63.4 mile ride with me on the tandem.  The kid performed fabulously and was pushing the rhythm every chance he could.  I am proud of my son for the effort he put in and is already talking about next year where he wants to ride the 100 mile century ride.

Distance - 63.36 miles
Time - 03:47:44
Climbing - 2,314 ft
Max Speed - 38.4 mph
Ave Speed - 16.7 mph (this is a 9 year old who helped to push this pace!)



  Riding along on the tandem


Ethan and I at the 20 mile rest stop


Ethan and I at the 42 mile rest stop 


  A successful finish for the Tour de Cure Colorado 2011 - 100km ride


 Map of the route


  Profile of the route


Two races in one week

by Rob 17. April 2011 14:15

While other people may look at this and laugh, riding two time trials in a week is a major feat for me.  Last year was the first time I raced since my knee injuries years ago so two times in a single week is major progress.  Although I did not tear up the courses, I did meet most of my goals.  A sub-27 minute ride for the Cherry Creek Time Trial Series - Week 1 was great since I rode retro.  For the Haystack ITT, a sub-45 minute was not as good as I wanted (was hoping for sub-40 minute) but the time was within the acceptable range due to the high winds on the return trip. 

Two ITTs down, six more to go.  Hoping to get sub-24 minute with the Cherry Creek ITT by the end.





Thanks for a great year 2010. Bring on 2011!

by Rob 2. January 2011 05:08

The new year is upon us but thanks to 2010.  The past year had a lot of completions I never thought were possible with my knees.  My first ITT since 1992 and was able to beat my self-imposed time.  The Triple Bypass was a ride I never thought my knees would handle but I was able to crank at the end.  After two previous attempts at the Copper Triangle (attempt one was canceled due to work travel and attempt two was never completed), the monkey is off my back for that ride.  Setting another PR on the Tour de Cure and watching my eight year old ride in his first charity ride was fabulous.  Finally the stats... Yes, the stats. 

4,003.89 miles (goal at the beginning of 2010 was 3,600 miles)
16.0 mph average
163,558 ft of climbing

2011 will bring up a few more challenges focused less on the speed and the mileage but more on the fitness and competition.  Ethan received a Redline Conquest 24 for Christmas and so begins the father/son bike racing.  I would love to be competitive for the Morgul Bismarck race over Memorial Weekend as that was a race I was strong in during the early 90s.  I would like to see how my knees can handle a stage race.  But, I am looking forward to riding the Tour de Cure in August with Ethan on the tandem.  The goal for us will be the 60 mile ride.

For me, 2010 was a great year.  Hopefully 2011 will be as good.  Bring it on!

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The Next Generation

by Rob 22. August 2010 13:13

I love cycling.  Since the first time I got on the bike as a six year old without training wheels, I have been in love with the sport.  While most of my friends in school were more interested in cars and driving, I was working over my training plans.  Friends worked at fast food restaurants and seasonal jobs while I was lucky enough to work at one of Denver's premier bicycle shops.  Even when the bilateral patella tendonitis stopped the racing, the desire was still there.  After two orthopedic surgeons, an accupunturist, two chiropractors, and seven physical therapists, my knees are on the mend.  I am concluding my fifth season since the injury but I have been finally able to pass the passion along to the next generation. 

During the Tour de Cure 2010, my youngest son, Ethan, completed the ride.  The finish was a tough one for him...  About a mile before the finish, a mom was working on her son's bike on the bike path.  The child stepped backwards without watching what was going on around him and poor Ethan swerved into the gravel and then hit the ground.  He got up with both knees and his right elbow bleeding, had me clean out the wound with some water, walked around to shake off the pain, and got back up on the bike.  With blood dripping down his body, he pulled himself to the finish line.  After a short visit to the medic where his wounds were cleaned and wrapped up, he hung out with Team Agapee.  He was asked about his experience and this response summarized the passion.  Walking wounded, he looked the person in the eye and said "It was tough but I enjoyed it."  Prodded about riding next year, he replied "Maybe" but paused for a second.  He quickly changed his response to "Yes, I will be back."


The cycling passion has spread to the next generation.

Check out the red on the knees.

2010 Riding Season

by Rob 22. August 2010 12:31

So the major rides have come to an end with the conclusion of the Tour de Cure.  Another great time was had by Team Agapee.  Reflecting back on the season, I participated in my first race (an ITT) since 1993, completed the Collin Classic while out in Texas on a business trip, did the Triple Bypass even though I broke a spoke going up Squaw Pass, rode past last year's crash zone and successfully rode through the finish line during the Copper Triangle, and soloed a majority of the way during the Tour de Cure while still breaking my personal record.  This year has been a wonderful breakthrough for efforts and has given a great roadmap for next year. 


Run 'Em Down

by Rob 18. March 2010 05:52

No wonder cyclists get hit by cars.  716 people killed and 52,000 injured every year while riding bicycles is really funny, isn't it?  According to ESPN's Tony Kornheiser, it must be.  This is from his March 11, 2010, radio broadcast on ESPN 980 radio show.

"And they all God...with the little water bottle in the back and their stupid hats and their shiny shorts, they are the same disgusting posers that in the middle of a snow storm come out with cross country skiing on your block. Run them down.

I don't take my car and ride on the sidewalk because I understand that's not for my car. Why do these people think that these roads were built for bicycles?

They dare you to run them down. And then when you do, they get angry. What is that about?

And so you tap them. I'm not saying you kill them. I'm saying just tap them. Tap them once. If you're not rubbin', you're not racing right? So you pop them a little bit and see what happens.

...and somehow the law does not allow you to run them down.

I have a large powerful car compared to your stupid little bicycle."

Glad to know that a company such a Disney promote such violence.  I would expect this from a shock jock show but what kind of Mickey Mouse organization are they running?  Write the ESPN 980 management and let them know this is unacceptable.  Funny how the MP3 is now down but thanks to the Internet, the audio is still alive!

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Simple Thoughts

Years ago a friend grew tired of hearing people making excuses why they did not have time to ride their bikes.  Now as a father of three, have a full time job, a honey-do list a mile long, and teaching during the evenings, I can fully agree with his comment... 

Shut up and ride your bike.

Church of the Spinning Wheel

The term "church" has two meanings:

1) A building where people go to congregate
2) The people themselves. 

Knowing this, how can one not see the good in the world when riding along quiet, morning roads soaking in all that nature has around them?  Some people go to a building to seek spiritual awareness, others find it another way.

God doesn't drive a car, he rides a bike.



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